ehsAI Teams Up With Jacobs

ehsAI has signed a new teaming agreement with leading global professional services firm Jacobs to revolutionize Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. Integrating ehsAI’s innovative artificial intelligence/machine learning technology into Jacobs’ global EHS Information Management offering brings cost savings, improved accuracy and reduced risks for companies worldwide in the chemical, energy, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical, transportation and utility sectors, as well as government organizations.

ehsAI’s multi-lingual platform streamlines compliance by automating conversion of regulatory documents (permits, regulations, standards, procedures, directives, plans, etc.) into discrete compliance requirements up to 100 times faster than current state of the art data entry/processing, while maintaining better than human accuracy and consistency. This includes compliance requirements with the latest OSHA regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Combining our EHS IM experience and software vendor partnerships with ehsAI advanced technology delivers a powerful and cost-effective total compliance solution,” says Lucas Wolfenden, Jacobs’ EHS Information Management Sales Leader.

Along with improved data collection, configuration and integration, the tech-driven solution saves time and overhead, reduces or eliminates financial penalties for non-compliance, decreases corporate environmental risk and inconsistent interpretations, helps achieve sustainability and resiliency targets, and speeds assets to markets.

ehsAI CEO, Margery Moore added, “We are very excited to team with Jacobs as a global partner and bring our advanced EHS compliance solution to forward-looking businesses and organizations.”