ehsAI Welcomes Brenda Kim to the Team

Brenda Kim

Hello, my name is Brenda S. Kim and I’m a linguistics nerd.  I may have been so since I was 6 – when I first started asking my first few linguistics questions.  My love for linguistics only continued to grow.  My thirst to learn more led me to travel out of my native Korea to New York to Toronto to Victoria and to Vancouver to pursue knowledge and degrees.  I feel that I’ve only just begun as I pursue a Masters in Computational Linguistics currently. 

Why did you choose ehsAI?  

In truth – finding a place in ehsAI was serendipitous as I love what we do – on so many levels.   Here is just one example. My father is a retired architect and contractor.  Similarly, my husband, who happens to also be an architect, spends a lot of time on site as well.  I’d like to think that many people like my father and husband who do what they do come home safe to their family because of the work we do. 

What we do matters – right now, tomorrow and all the other tomorrows – we make people’s lives better. Whether it’s keeping people safe at the work site or helping heal our planet – what we do is purposeful and meaningful. 

What are your passions and hobbies? 

Other than linguistics? My family. I love the family, my husband and I are growing together. I love being outside – I am nowhere else more at peace than in the green of the forests, the blue of the waters and skies up above. I am the last person you have to convince to pack a bag for an adventure. And food.  Life’s too short for bad food.  

What excites you about this role?  

I am exhilarated to be surrounded, not only by leaders, but role models to learn from. I am grateful for the opportunity to help bring the best out of our incredibly talented cast members. I am motivated every day to grow at ehsAI – not only a leader but pioneers setting the pace and standard for our industry – with substantial experience in the localization industry, being a part of the evolution of machine translation and deep learning as well as my growing interest in disruptive technologies – I feel that what we do is paving the future of EHS and AI.