ehsAI Welcomes Cameron Stibbs to our Team

Cameron Stibbs

My name is Cameron Stibbs and I’m a recent Linguistics graduate. I’ve visited, and in some cases lived, from coast-to-coast here in Canada but keep coming back to Vancouver because it is, and always will be, home. I have an almost dangerous interest in languages and grammar structure, which has lead to many a sleepless night due to getting caught in the trap of researching (for fun!). My favourite food is anything with carbs, accompanied by a sensible pint of pale ale.

Why did you choose ehsAI?

After having done some research post-grad in the applicability of my linguistics degree, I found an interesting intersection between my academic prowess (language), my personal interests (AI) and ethical code (Environmental sustainability). Admittedly, when I saw the ad for being a language data analyst, I personally thought it was too good to be true. Luckily, fate bodes well for those who are patient, and I got the job! I chose ehsAI because I saw ethical values that I agreed with, I saw something new and never been done before that I would be able to participate in, as well as applicability to what I had recently studied.  

What are your passions and hobbies?

My passion is first and foremost language. I study a lot for fun and can’t get enough of documentaries on isolated cultural-linguistic groups, and just admiring how diverse and ultimately important language is to us as people. I spend my downtime playing video games as well, and ever since moving to Vancouver, I’ve caught the bug of going outside for jogs, bike rides, and long walks along the seawall. I love nothing more than hanging out with friends (Pre-2020 Pandemic), and luckily, I live with my best friend so I’m never at a loss for social interaction. I’m sort of spontaneous and enjoy hopping into a car/bus/train and going somewhere random if I don’t have anything required of me during that day. 

What excited you about the role?

I find data beautiful, and since working with ehsAI I’ve become much more observant of certain sentence structures and what is being “said” between the lines. The workflow is steady, the team is absolutely AMAZING and we all support one another and have a good time. The labelling we do is very easy to conceptualize how it is working and exactly what it is doing in the grand scheme of things, and it feels fulfilling being able to process documents to help the AI get smarter and smarter.