ehsAI Seeks To Accelerate EHS Compliance Management Through Automation

For many industries, EHS compliance is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. It is a primary driver for the adoption of technology and digitization of EHS processes. Not complying with government regulations or required permits can result in fines, litigation and a tarnished brand. Any of these outcomes are an unacceptable risk for responsible brands and shareholders.

Together, Intelex and ehsAI® have created a solution that disrupts the traditional approach to compliance efforts without compromising the results. The integrated solution enables faster and more accurate identification of regulatory requirements by automatically creating easy to consume, ready-to-adopt compliance requirement records, permit limits and detailed actions. It reduces the effort, cost and risk associated with EHS compliance.

What can Intelex and ehsAI® do for your business?

Point, click & process

Patent-pending AI technology extracts and transforms unstructured data from regulations and permits into immediately useable compliance information. Identify which documents and pages are to be processed and ehsAI® applies machine learning and natural language processing to emulate the EHS professional’s expertise.

Deliver faster, more accurate results

ehsAI® delivers ‘better than human accuracy’ results, in a fraction of the time – The cost savings alone can be as high as 80%.  The solution delivers clearly identified regulatory requirements, tagged and cross-referenced into multiple output formats for maximum efficiency.

Put your data to work

ehsAI® output is seamlessly imported into Intelex where compliance actions and reporting can be assigned owners, frequency, recurrence and dates. The Intelex compliance engine uses notifications, escalations and reporting intelligence to mitigates risks.

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