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ehsAI thinks like an EHS professional, resulting in a curated output in up to 6 languages.

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The fact is: if AI, ML, and NLP aren’t a part of your technology toolkit, you’re potentially losing valuable time, money, and data.



Other EHS

Other EHS Tools

AI machine learning for accuracy

Automates the interpretation and extraction of complex regulations

Manual process

Prone to errors and lacks accuracy and consistency


Automatically analyzes a complex permit or any compliance document on the fly, saving months of your time

Waste of time

Makes auditing or review of new permits and regulations much longer and more grueling on your team, often months of effort

Self-service platform

Allows for the least tech-savvy users to easily upload and scan documents with no training required

Complex reviews

Has shown that even the most well-versed EHS professional is likely to miss important data given the massive amount of new EHS and ESG obligations

Low cost

Provides a quick ROI at an affordable cost, helping you put time and money back into your business

Waste of money

Puts your team to work sifting through documents for weeks on end, time that could be best put to high-level analysis, not manual data transfer

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Take any unstructured, messy regulatory document and turn it into detailed, easy-to-track requirements—in just minutes.

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