Use Artificial Intelligence for EHS Compliance with ehsAI

Analyze data more accurately.
Comply faster.
Mitigate risk.

Save up to 80% of your time and money with accurate Environment, Health, and Safety compliance automation.

Meet your newest teammate

ehsAI’s purpose is to take the tedious, time-consuming task of filtering through Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance documents off your plate, so you can put your effort toward moving your mission forward.

We understand the risks involved in overlooked compliance obligations and deadlines. That’s why ehsAI is your teammate, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to free you up from combing through paperwork—providing accurate data that you can operationalize in minutes.

Wielding ehsAI’s capabilities saves you precious time and money that you can utilize on exceeding the minimum standard and continuously improving on ESG goals. ehsAI works with your team—not replacing it—to help you enhance accuracy, analyze faster, and strengthen compliance workflows. 

Be a part of the compliance revolution

ehsAI is gaining recognition for its groundbreaking technology and fresh perspective. Leverage its capabilities for yourself.

Unlock hidden potential

Stay ahead—and on top—of compliance obligations

Nobody wants to spend their time combing through and hand-transcribing compliance data from piles of documents. That’s time that could be spent on critical analysis and improving compliance. ehsAI keeps you ahead of new compliance obligations by deconstructing information from unstructured documents, giving you a complete and detailed requirements list for your team to act on.

Never miss compliance requirements—or a deadline

You work hard to accurately transcribe pages and pages of regulation documents to help improve the environment, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk. But there’s always the risk of human error, and overlooked information can result in poor corporate performance, inaccurate compliance strategies, and fines. ehsAI is your friend, reducing and even eliminating these risks with complete accuracy so you can focus on meeting and exceeding your EHS goals. 

Get to analysis faster

Losing precious time to manually read through compliance documents shouldn’t have to be a concern. To understand and apply compliance requirements as quickly as possible and hit sustainability targets, you need to generate faster results—in minutes. A person using ehsAI processes documentation ten times faster than a human could manually do so alone, applying compliance requirements in days instead of months.


ehsAI puts well-deserved time and money back into your business. Our AI engine extracts EHS requirements and action items from the regulatory documents your team sifts through.

Simply use ehsAI to process compliance documents instead of reading them manually, and seamlessly mitigate risk and improve your workflow.



Use ehsAI to scan your documents from any and all regulatory authorities.


Generate a list of compliance action items for your team in just seconds.


Map and track each regulatory citation and permit condition that affects your company.


Upload your critical ehsAI data into any EHS compliance workflow, saving time and money.

What would have taken me two weeks before ehsAI, I got done in one day.

Kevan Reardon
Environmental Engineer Lead
Koch Fertilizer