Smart data
Speedy compliance
Mitigated risk

Save up to 80% of your time and
money with accurate EHS compliance.

You aim to make a big impact on
your industry and the planet.


ehsAI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter through EHS compliance and permitting documents. This provides companies with accurate data they can put into action. Using ehsAI saves time and money for businesses in the technology, manufacturing, energy, chemical construction, and retail industries. Additionally, data accuracy minimizes exposure to noncompliance penalties and fines, as well as changes in regulations.

Award-Winning Technology

ehsAi is gaining recognition for its groundbreaking technology and fresh perspective.



Streamline your current manual process of combing through complicated regulations and cross-referencing multiple documents. We decipher the replicated and colliding information from multiple sources, giving you a complete, detailed requirements list for your team to implement.


The accuracy of ehsAI data reduces — even eliminates — fines and negative publicity for our customers, as well as the risks to the environment based on missed information. As requirements change, you’ll be kept up-to-date on all necessary adjustments needed in the future.


Get accurate data in minutes with ehsAI. A person using ehsAI processes documentation ten times faster than a human could manually do so alone. Our customers understand and apply their compliance requirements in days instead of months. The faster you have an accurate list of compliances, the more efficiently you can move forward and hit your company’s sustainability targets.


Our proprietary AI engine (patent pending) interprets EHS requirements and action items by extracting content from the regulatory documents and permits you need to keep on top of. ehsAI compliance workflows will seamlessly integrate in your company, all the while increasing your productivity and accuracy. We give you back the time to focus on what you need to.


ehsAI scans your documents from any and all regulatory authorities.


In just seconds, our patented machine learning algorithms generate an indexed list of compliance action items for your team.


Each item is mapped out to each regulatory citation and permit condition that affects your company.


Upload your critical ehsAI data into any EHS compliance workflow. Save time. Save money.

There’s always that pressure to do more with less. So, when a tool comes along that can provide more efficiency, more risk mitigation — can let you do your job better and focus on providing value added — it’s a strategic advantage. It’s going to fundamentally change our job.

Carlos Garcia
General Counsel
Government Affairs and Corporate Secretary with Nissan Canada Inc.


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