Why Organizations Worldwide Trust the ehsAI Platform

Establishing Trust, Worthy of Your Trust
By: Margery Moore/CEO

The number of global regulations for environment, health and safety (EHS) practices are increasing every year, as are the penalties for non-compliance.

Organizations recognize that complying with these regulations can mean the difference between a project delivered on time and on budget or one that faces delays and cost overruns. Consequently, these trends are driving an exponential rise in the resources required to understand and extract the requirements listed in thousands of pages of permits, regulations, and standards—in every geographic location in which the organization operates.

Plus, regulations can change quickly – with profound and far reaching implications – imposing additional demands on already burdened personnel.

The cost of failing to comply with regulations is high and can be measured in terms of money, brand damage, environmental damage, and human lives. Yet with regulatory compliance becoming increasingly complex —especially for organizations with international operations —simply understanding and adhering to the rules makes the cost of doing business rise further every day.

The demanding and dynamic regulatory environment, combined with rising consumer expectations for corporate environmental responsibility, mean that traditional methods of manual document analysis are no longer viable.

Fortunately, huge advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have created practical and economical alternatives.

The ehsAI platform combines cutting-edge technological innovation and deep subject matter expertise in a uniquely powerful automated workflow that extracts the critical information inside compliance documents and presents it a complete and actionable format.

By doing automatically — in minutes — what manual processes require days or weeks to complete, ehsAI slashes the cost of identifying compliance requirements by as much as 80%.

However, those who are familiar with the intricacies of manually reviewing compliance requirements can find it hard to believe that an automated solution can do the job.

We believe in transparency, and we believe — for good reason — that our solution stands alone in its ability to understand, extract, interpret, and organize compliance requirements. But we also recognize that trust needs to be earned.

In Worthy of Your Trust: How ehsAI Turns Compliance Documents into Actionable Output, we pull back the curtain to explain how the ehsAI platform:

  • Augments and accelerates existing processes to deliver impressive savings without disrupting proven workflows
  • Turns unstructured compliance documents into structured, actionable output
  • Leverages the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine in the industry to delivery reliable results
  • Is always getting better

Download the paper to learn why organizations worldwide put their trust in ehsAI.